How To Find "Good Deals" In Tea


Do good deals exist when purchasing tea? In this episode I discuss some important concepts about finding tea that is a good value - it revolves around how your interests as a consumer differ from the interests of the greater tea market as a whole.

Do Good Deals On Tea Really Exist?

Certainly, but that is dependant on your individual tastes. Some shops will have lower or higher markups than other shops. Some shops will purchase tea from their sources at lower or higher prices than other shops. It’s impossible to know what price a vendor purchased a tea at, and how much they marked it up (unless they tell you, of course). The true value exists in your experience and your personal preferences within tea.


How Can The Market Values Work In Your Favor?

The best deals are to be found when your values as a consumer don’t align with the values of the market. For example, tea from famous regions, or tea that looks pristine, may be more expensive because the market values those attributes and there is more demand for those attributes. But, let’s say you don’t care about the region - tea from lesser-known areas isn’t usually valued as highly by the market. This applies to a variety of attributes, and many present great opportunities to find a good deal.