Pu'er Compression Basics & Household Tea Pick Alternatives


In this episode I explain the basics of what pu’er compressions are and then look at a bunch of different household tools to see how good they are at replacing a tea pick for breaking into pu'er compressions. Do you really need a tea pick? Not at all! You almost definitely have something lying around that will do the trick just fine!

What Was The Best Tea Pick Replacement?

The tea pick was super easy, but the dull knife was probably just as easy if not better! I don’t recommend sharp knives as they can be dangerous, but a dull knife or letter opener will work perfectly! The screwdriver and the scissors were a little too thick to work well.


I’m Frightened By All This!?

It’s okay! Tea cakes are just compressed tea leaves. Don’t be scared! Break a small piece off however you like - with whatever tool you have available or even your hands - and simply brew it like you would any other tea.