Three Steeps | Arunachal Indian Black


Today we drink a 2018 summer black tea from Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India. I'm never too fond of Indian teas and this was no exception! I also discuss the problem with gimmicky tea descriptions.

What Is This Material?

Like most Indian black teas (except for Darjeeling), this tea was made from the assamica varietal. The picking standard was roughly 1 bud to 2-3 leaves, leading to smaller, more bud-heavy pickings. Arunachal Pradesh actually sits above Assam, on the northeast border of India with China.


What Were The Tasting Notes?

This tea remained firmly in standard Indian black tea territory, with predominant notes of earthy malt and hints of prune. It had less chocolatey notes than many similar Indian black teas, and instead presented an interesting yet acidic spicy-wood profile.