Three Steeps | Yellow Tea Cake


In this episode we drink a unique yellow tea pressing. I neglected to mention this tea was from 2017, which may partially explain some of the earthier flavors. An interesting aging experiment but nothing spectacular. Loose yellow tea is the way to go in my opinion.

Why Press Yellow Tea?

No real reason - the producer intended it simply as an aging experiment. It won’t improve the quality of the tea in any way. In fact, leaving it loose is probably best for maintaining quality.

Yellow Tea Cake.png

How was the flavor affected?

Just by the appearance of the leaves, the material didn’t seem particularly great to start out with. Since it was two years old and pressed, it did have some differences to other yellow teas I’ve had. This was much earthier and lacked the elegance of a fresh yellow tea. But I suppose that’s the point with aging, eh? Only time will tell, but so far I’m not convinced this method makes any sense.