Where Is Pu'er Tea Grown? A Simple Explanation


Today we cover a basic overview of where pu'er tea is grown. Is it really only grown in Yunnan province? What other locations are growing and processing pu'er? How certain are we of the origins of our tea? All that and more in this episode!

Is pu’er always made in Yunnan Province?

According to the official definition of the term pu’er, it should be grown and processed in Yunnan province. And most pu’er does indeed come from gardens in Yunnan province. But it isn’t uncommon for tea processed in the exact same style to be purchased from surrounding regions and countries, and marketed as pu’er tea grown in Yunnan province.


Where else is pu’er tea made?

The assamica variety of tea tree grows natively across a wide strip of land in southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and even into the Assam region of India. However, in my experience, most pu’er tea made outside Yunnan comes from the northern portions of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, and the eastern portion of Myanmar.

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