Map: Pu’er Regions

A map of well-known pu’er producing regions. Index of locations located in map sidebar.


An easy to use, interactive and thorough map of pu’er mountains. All locations are approximations and mountain ranges are often represented by local towns/villages. I've done my best to make this map accurate but it may contain mistakes. If you find any, please let me know. Learn more about these mountains here.



Flavor & Aroma Chart

A simple chart covering common flavors, sensations and aromas within loose leaf tea.


I made this chart because I wasn’t happy with the flavor wheels that are so commonly used in the tea/wine/coffee industry. Flavor groupings, therefore, are a little different in this one and it’s loaded with flavor information and examples specific to loose leaf tea. Feel free to share.


A black and white printable PDF for easy reference when drinking tea.



Graphics & Diagrams

Various graphics including quotes, helpful diagrams and more will be updated and stored here.

Quotes from The Book Of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo. You can read the book, for free, here.